Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When VAR11N and VAP11N have been configured to WiFi hotspot, why is the network speed slow?
During the configuration of VAR11N and VAP11N, the signal of source hotspot should be above 50%, if it is less than 50%, the signal will be weak and cause network poorly.
When configured VAP11N, VAR11N, the correct password has been entered, why does it still prompt configured failed, please check password?
Method 1: Please use the browser above IE6.0 to configure.
Method 2: Please reboot the device, after rebooting, please check if the  device has been configured to the wifi hotspot.  Go to the webpage to check the connected icon, see the following picture:
            If the circled icon above is showed, it means it has been configured successfully. 
Why does the VAP11G show configured successfully, but it can't be connected?

You can set the encryption method in your router webpage, choose"WPA-PSK TKIP" or "WPA2-PSK AES",

Why can't VAP11G software work on MAC OS?

The VAP11G setup just supports Windows system and can’t support MAC system.

The VAP11G setup can’t communication with iphone 4s hotspot, why?

The VAP11G setup  just supports Windows system and can’t support MAC system

The blue light doesn’t blink, why?

Please make sure the password of wifi router is correct and the signal isn’t below 30%

The MAC address of wifi bridge can’t be found, why?

Uninstall the configure software and install the lastest software.

The orange light doesn’t blink, why?

Please check if the RJ45 ethernet port connected, and change another USB port to connect.

“Error: NIC not found” is showed, how to solve the problem?

Uninstall the configure software and install the lastest software, then reboot the computer.

When you connect wifi bridge to Dreambox, it doesn’t work, why?

First you should configure the wifi bridge to wifi router step by step according to user manual, 
after the wifi bridge has been communicated with wifi route(both the orange and blue light blink), then connect to Dreambox.

The wifi router SSID can’t be found, why?

Please check if the SSID broadcast is opened and the broadcast channel is 1-11.

What types of voice codec do HT-series VoIP products support

HT-series analog telephone adaptors support G.711U, G.711A, G729A/B, G723.1, G726-32, iLBC. Each codec has its uniqueness for certain function and application: Both G711U and G711A are non-compression code, need 64k bandwidth with high-fidelity audio quality but their bandwidth consumption is also the highest (64kbps). When the internet enviroment is not good, it is easy to lose packet that the oice will lose his stability. G729A/B, G723.1, G726-32 and iLBC are all compression code which will give you near toll quality at much smaller bandwidth consumption (G723 consumes 5.3/6.3kbps and G729 consumes 8kbps). So in the Chinese internet enviroment, we suggest G729A/B and G723.1

How to judge the HT-series products' working status by LCD?

Red LCD means in disorder. DHCP fails or WAN cannot be connected
Flash every 2 seconds (if DHCP has been set) HT600 fail to register
Flash every 2 seconds (if DHCP has been set)

Green LCD means in order. Hint information waiting Flash every 2 seconds Calling. Flash endless Call stoppage Flash every second.

Why cannot the phone switch to PSTN by pressing '*00'?

1) Open the setting page and change the PSTN Access Code into '*00'

2) Check the other parameters and change the parameter starting with '*' into other number.

3) Save, reboot and try again. If it doesn't work still, restore the factory default setting and try again.

What is NTP server?

NTP server stands for Network Time Protocol server,which provide time collation for the device. We use "time. nist. gov" as default NTP server. If that or your own NTP server does not work, try to select an NTP server from following link: cn. pool. ntp. org orhk. pool. ntp. org or tw. pool. ntp. org or asia. pool. ntp. org; You can also search for more free NTP servers by browsing in internet.

What number should I use for "Voice Frames per TX"?

It depends on what codec you choose and balance between bandwidth utilization and impact of packet loss. The bigger this value, the higher bandwidth utilization because more voice frames are packed into the payload field of a UDP/RTP packet and thus the network header overhead would be lower. However, the impact of a packet loss on perceived voice quality will be bigger.

For PCMU/PCMA, the default is 2 and max is 10

For G723, the default is 1 and max is 32

For G726-32, the default is 2 and max is 20

For G729, the default is 2 and max is 6

The ATA got an IP, but I cannot open the configuration pages, why?

First, make sure that your computer and the ATA connect the NET.

Then, make sure that your computer and the ATA are in the same segment.

Last, make sure that the phone connected to the ATA is onhook.

Why the gateway rings again after we hang up the call?

HT-series gateways have the function of flash self-testing, if you jiggle the spring so often by hanging up that the gateway consider that you want to hold the call. So this ring is to remind you there is still a call on the line. If you want to shut the function you could open the relevant setting page and reset the Send Flash Event to 'YES'.

There is no voice hint after pressing '***' on the phone, why?

First, checking the parameter on the configuration pages, whether there is a parameter has been set as'*' or '**' or '***', if have, please change to others' Then, 'Offhook Auto-Dail' parameter must be empty.

Why can I answer a call but not make a call after the success registration?

The following will be the solutions:
A. Go into the Dail Settings in the SUPER OPTIONS and clear up the Offhook Auto-Dial then try again.

B. If it doesn't work yet, please contact your service provider and see if the balance is not enough.

C. Restore your products to the Factory Default Setting and reset the User ID.

Which audio codes do HT series products support?

Each code own its applied uniqueness, HT series phone adapter support G711U, G711A, G722, G723.1, G726-32, G728, G729A/B and iLBC.

Do HT series products support H.323 or MGCP?

We are a manufacturer of Internet phone equipment specially engaged in SIP protocol so we do not support H. 323 or MGCP.