Vonets VM150
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Vonets VM150

150 Mbps WiFi module


Vonets VM150 is a professional wifi module with multiple functions and up to 5 control ports. Supports 3G/4G using USB Dongle, router mode, repeater mode to extend the WiFi signals, intelligent bridge as a receiver or as an access point, and so has two GPIO ports that can be controlled through a Socket.

The WiFi module supports a maximum speed of 150 Mbps and distances of about 100 meters without obstacles with a standard antenna. Adopt the original creation D/A temperature compensated auto frequency control technology(TAFC), make sure the lasting stability to ensure that the WiFi signal is not dropped.


  • Two software-controllable operating modes: routing mode, Bridge + Repeater mode.
  • Support intelligent transparent bridge mode, also support AP Client and AP Station.
  • Support 3G/4G Module (3G USB Dongle)
  • Independent hardware data processing,  does not consume host system resources, without installing any drivers
  • In bridge mode, fool configuration to facilitate the secondary development implanted into other host systems.
  • Built-in WEB configuration services, available configure module parameters through the web.
  • Built-in SOCKET monitoring services, used to control two GPIO (1.5A) output, nine kinds of GPIO control state to facilitate the secondary development and function expansion.
  • Support VDNS technology, in bridge mode, can be configured via logging on the domain login page, solve the problem that configure and secondary development.
  • External antenna RF Female.
  • Support for online firmware upgrade.
  • Support open-wrt.

We recommend you download the Datasheet for detailed information about the product, also the quick start guide, both in download section.


Clocked of main chip 360MHz
Memory 32Mb SDRAM, can be extended 64 Mbytes.
4Mb SPI Flash, can be extended 16 Mbytes.
Interfaces MINI PCIE, 6PIN Female, 6PIN Pin, 8PIN Pin, RJ45 Female
WiFi working frequency 2.4GHz
Antenna 1
RF Module Output power 13.5dbm - 14.5dbm
WiFi Channels 1-14
WAN Ports 1
LAN Ports 1
Support 3G/4G Yes (USB dongle)
Functions Firewall, QoS, VPN
Standards and Protocols Wi-Fi 802.11 B/G/N
Max. transmission rate 150Mbps
Working modes Routing, Bridge (also support AP Client and AP Station), Repeater
Operating voltage 3.3V - 3.4V DC, 4.5V - 15V DC
Rated Power <3W
Size 51 × 30 mm
Weight 86g
Operating ambient temperature -25°C - 55°C


Vonets VM150
Vonets VM150
Vonets VM150
Vonets VM150
Vonets VM150
Vonets VM150